Cliff Walker

Founder & CEO of Global Home Business

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A Proven Path to Success

When it comes to finding an Entrepreneur who really knows how to help individuals make the jump from corporate confinement, to entrepreneurial freedom, you will have to go a long way to find someone to match International Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Career Coach, Cliff Walker.

More than 20 years ago Cliff made the decision to leave corporate life and become an entrepreneur.  After years of stress and the ever-present frustration of the corporate environment, with its relentless quotas and income levels determined by the accounts department. Cliff decided to look elsewhere for financial security. Little did he know that an unusual research project would open his mind to a previously unseen career opportunity.

Cliff discovered a business model that was providing the same or higher income levels as a stressed-filled corporate job only without the commute, the politics, the income ceilings and all those other corporate shenanigans.

He quickly made the transition to this new lifestyle by creating his own home-based business with an income stream which far exceeded his corporate salary.

Since then, he’s created, tested and deployed some of the most innovative business strategies ever used in the home-based business sector to build global sales organisations in excess of 100,000 people and using his practical, hands-on experience began coaching others on how to transition out of a job they hate, into a whole new lifestyle in a way that few even know about.

20 years on, as the definitive home-based business strategist and a lifestyle advisor, multi-million dollar income earner, Cliff has perfected a guaranteed system for making transitioning easy, safe and highly effective. It’s a system that eliminates doubt, indecision and risk and has inspired, enthused and supported entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries around the world.

He has walked many miles in his corporate escapee shoes and uses his pragmatic, hands-on experience to guide others along a path that allows them to use their skills, ambition and personality to create a national, or even international business of their own, and a lifestyle to match.

Cliff’s grass roots success story has been featured in magazines and newspapers in many countries for decades and he has been interviewed many times on radio shows focused on business strategies and millionaire lifestyles. As a result he has consistently been an in-demand international speaker at business strategy forums and conferences around the world.

In an era where technology is rapidly changing how business is done on a global scale, many businesses can now be run from virtually anywhere using a Smartphone. Cliff, a UK native, has taken advantage of that technology to run his business and has lived in Central America, South America and is currently looking to Africa as a potential next home base.

Cliff is a passionate partner and contributor to projects that help disadvantaged children raise their expectations and hopes for a better life. He has helped fund projects for Free the Children, Hope, and Homes for Children as well has making significant contributions to community projects in the places he has lived, and he continues to do so.

Travelling is something that he and his wife Bev both enjoy.  When you have a business that spans more than 100 countries the opportunities for travel are, not surprisingly, limitless.

While relaxing at home, Cliff is a big fan of boxing, rugby and soccer, always looking to take in a live event whenever he can.

When asked about what drives him Cliff had this to say.

Money cannot buy the feeling you get when you can work with someone who after initially being filled with fear, doubt and indecision eventually realises through practical application of tried and tested principals that the life they have dreamed of has always been within their grasp.

So, I love to use what I have learned, the skills I have developed and the practical experience I have acquired to teach effective business strategies, quantifiable marketing methods, and ethical, effective sales training to entrepreneurs on an international scale. I have been doing this a long time and it still gives me the same buzz today as when I started.

That said, what continues to drive me is my insatiable enthusiasm to encourage, influence, inspire and coach as many people as possible to find true freedom by starting and running their own home-based business, locally, nationally and internationally.

It’s amazing the positive influence you can make in your family, your community, and indeed in the world if you have the time, the money, and the compassion to reach out and help those less fortunate than yourself.